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Here are the questions we get asked the most

Who owns my website?

You do. Upon making the final payment for your website you own it. There is nothing to pay ongoing for the website itself. See the next answer also on hosting.

Who hosts my website?

We have a trade hosting account at VentraIP - one of Australia's largest hosting companies. We maintain a server configured exactly for the requirements of your Joomla website for maximum security and reliability.

All security patches that may be released from time to time are automatically applied to any website we host. This is not part of any standard hosting plan. We do this so that your website remains as safe and bug-free as possible.

If you wish you can organise your own hosting, we nonetheless suggest VentraIP - and no we do not get a commission for recommending them.

There are limits on your hosting of 2gb of storage and 5gb of traffic per month, more than enough for even a large site.

Do you accept any client?

No we do not accept every client. Some clients are not a fit for our expertise, and that may be because of the nature of your business or the industry in which you work.
Please contact us and we can chat.

What sort of website will this be?

We use a Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla. It is one of the world's most common platforms, being used in more than 4 million websites including Fortune 500 Companies.

There are thousands of extensions (Apps) that work with Joomla to achieve anything you want, from blogs to full blown news portals, and from simple lead generators to full ecommerce sites with thousands of products.

Joomla allows you to update your own website - everything from articles, blogs & products to layout and styling.

How long before I am selling on the web?

We generally produce the first draft within 7 days and have the site live on the web within 10 days. This does depend on how fast you provide the content to go on there and the feedback after the first build.

If we are updating an old web presence then it may be just a few days. We work quickly because we only accept one new client at a time, and all work is done in-house here on the Central Coast.

Do I get emails?

Of course, you are entitled to 10 email accounts with a maximum storage of 2gb of data.

If you need more then we can provide that at literally a few dollars a month extra.

Will me website be secure?

Google webmaster guidelines require that any site that takes personal information should be secure on the pages that take that information.

Secure means uses 128 bit encryption to encrypt the information exchange between your website and the visitor. Secure sites are indicated by the green padlock in the browser and also the address in the browser is https:// rather than http://

Per Google guidelines we only secure the pages that ask for personal information, such as name and email. For ecommerce site we would generally encrypt the whole site for your visitor's peace of mind.

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