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mobile madness


Welcome to #MobileMadness!

From April 21st, 2015 Google will make a major change to how websites are ranked on a mobile phone. If you do not have a mobile friendly website by April 21st your website will not show in mobile search results anywhere people will find you.

This is great news if you act now! For this period in time the search results will be cleared of any competitor that has not invested in a mobile friendly website. 


Why is this good news?

 Google research shows that 59% of searches on average start on a mobile phone. Now only 19% of ecommerce transactions finish on a mobile phone, so potential customers tend to find what they are looking for on a mobile phone then move to a desktop to complete the sale. However if the "sale" can be handled by a phone call or simple contact form, then this becomes a mobile-only transaction.

In any event, if you were not part of the mobile discovery process, you are unlikely to get that customer once they move to a desktop.

Over the last 2 years we have moved dozens of clients across to mobile websites. Every client has seen an increase in business as a result. The least was 20%, the most almost 50%. And that was a building products company! Mobile discovery is not about "Gen-i" looking for new handbags. It is anyone who works away from the office, or uses train or bus time to conduct business. 

By clearing the search results of any competitor that does not have a mobile friendly site, the massive volume of mobile search will be split between fewer companies. Now is your chance to be seen in the free, organic listings.

This is really a once in a lifetime chance to grab new customers without spending a fortune on Advertising.

Why are Google doing this?

Google spend millions on useability. They watch how people use their search results. They know that when someone searches on a mobile phone they want the website they visit to work on their phone. If it does not then that potential customer will simply click back to Google and select a different company. Google have been watching this stream of "out and straight back" searches and it knows that people are getting annoyed. At Google. Their search results are wasting people's precious time and Google are acting on that. 

Its not rocket science to understand that if you annoy potential customers then you are destroying your brand and growing your competitor's business.

One website can do all devices!

Happily the solution is easy! Google have indicated that their preferred way to do a mobile website is "responsive design". This means one website re-sizes itself to the device people are using, from mobile phones up to big internet "smart" televisions. One website gets it done elegantly and inexpensively, without the need for a dedicated mobile site. 

Click here to see how CreativeWeb.Marketing can defend your market share and grow your business with a responsive design website, and our optional marketing programs.

Click here to see a sample responsive design website.

Hurry - April 21st is not far away!

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