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responsiveIn 2016 Google research showed that 59% of web searches were made on a mobile phone or tablet. If your business is not being found on a phone then you are losing half of your potential visitors.Google has responded to this by bringing in a new search rule for 2017 - websites that are not mobile friendly will not appear in search results on a mobile device. Since your organic ranking is determined in a large part by traffic, this will destroy your search ranking even on a desktop.

Our websites use a type of architecture call "responsive design" - Google's recommended option. This simply means the site re-sizes itself to fit on whichever screen the visitor is using, from big-screen TVs to small mobile phones. You also have the option of showing content only on a phone, or only on a desktop. Generally we suggest turning off anything that is not completely necessary on the mobile version. The search pattern on a phone is more task-oriented, on a desktop people tend to browse and read more.

The beauty of responsive design is that you only need to pay for and update one site and yet you have all devices covered.

Guaranteed compatibility is as follows. This list is basically any phone built in the last 4 years and any Mac or PC built in the last 8.

  • Browsers since: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 13, Safari 5.1, Chrome XY, Opera 11.6, Yandex 14.10;
  • Desktops: All PCs, Notepads and Laptops running Windows XP and one of the browsers above;
  • Macs: all Macs and iMacs running Safari 5.12 or later;
  • Pads: All iPads and Android pads pretty much ever;
  • Android phones since Jellybean onward;
  • iPhones since iPhone 4
  • Connected TVs - all major brands (no known incompatibilities)

ssl secure

This padlock icon in a browser denotes that the website is using 128bit encryption to secure the data on the page. It should be used on any page that takes personal information such as emails. Ecommerce sites are best advised to make the whole site SSL.

The chrome browser updated in February, 2017 has included a warning feature that alerts the visitor if the website tries to take personal information over an unsecure connection.This is guaranteed to spook your visitors into leaving, so if your site is not SSL we can help.


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